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Fuel Injectors is the modern way in which fuel goes into your vehicle’s engine. They spray / inject fuel by using electronic controlled valves, which are capable of opening and closing many times per second.
Fuel Injectors have an atomizing nozzle that distributes the fuel evenly for optimum combustion and efficiency.

A vehicle will typically have one fuel injector per cylinder. Fuel injectors can typically last anywhere between 50,000 up to 100,000 miles. The length of time that an injector can last all depends on the type of fuel that you use, the quality of the fuel and how often maintenance is performed to the fuel injection system.

Did, you know that it is highly recommended to have your injectors clean every 30,000 miles?

This will ensure optimum performance and fuel efficiency. Many people tend to use fuel injector cleaner additives when going to the fuel pump station once a month or when having their vehicle’s oil changed.

It is also good practice to have your fuel filter replaced when necessary. These can improve the performance and life expectancy of your vehicle’s fuel injectors.
Not performing proper maintenance can cause your vehicle’s fuel injector to go bad and therefore have to replace them.
If you haven’t performed maintenance to your fuel injectors, now is a good time to do so and if your vehicle has a bad fuel injector, consider having it replaced with an EMG Aftermarket Fuel injector.
Our injectors are manufactured to meet your vehicle’s specifications and a manufactured to proper form, fit, and function.
Every EMG Injector is tested to ensure high quality, performance, and efficiency.